Boundless Dice

Boundless Dice

We're super excited to be launching Boundless Dice as a collaborative project with Genesis Dice.

Genesis Dice was founded in collaboration with a number of tabletop enthusiasts including the founders of Mythroll Armory. Our goal is to introduce the most unique polyhedral dice available. We work with incredible designers and other partners to bring our ideas to life.

Chronos, the father of time, unable to bind time to a specific outcome, split the passing of it into five pseudo-deities: Ambition, Healing, Patience, Perseverance and Swiftness. Adventurers across all planes of existence are challenged with the passing of it. Can it be altered? Manipulated? Mastered? Are there elements upon these planes which might allow these aspects to be at your disposal? 

Boundless Dice blur the lines between faces, edges, and vertices.  The manipulation of geometry and distortion of time go hand in hand.  Like a wheel within in a wheel, like the ebbs and flows of the tide, like the rising and setting of the sun.

At 1,000% funding, all backers will receive an amazing hexagon dice case that converts into a dice tower.  Help us get there and you can win a 14k gold Boundless D20!

Win a 14k Gold D20

Help us spread the word and enter to win a 14k gold Boundless D20 with custom piano finish jewelry box with rechargeable bright white LED.  No joke.

Twitter: Retweet to enter

Instagram: Tag a friend to enter

Each tagged individual on Instagram and each retweet counts as an entry.  The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the campaign and published on our site!  The prize has no cash value and is non transferrable.  Void where prohibited by law.