Introducing Die of Newt

Introducing Die of Newt

To date, Mythroll Armory has successfully launched 7 products via Kickstarter with the support of almost 3,000 backers and an additional 1,000 customers supporting us through our website.  Our products are now enjoyed by tabletop gamers around the world!

They're Magical

These hollow dice are unique, look great, sound great, and there's something magical about the almost impossible construction of these hollow dice.  It made sense to make a set of dice that not only fit into the very popular tropical worlds of D&D and other TTRPGs, but were also based on a classic ingredient for the witches' brew.

Design Process

Working through sketches and partnering with a talented 3D modeler we were able to design each die in the series.  We tested with various sizes and coated them in different pigments until we found a set of beautiful, eye-catching colors that reflect the beauty found in the wild.  The final assembly and number painting are all done by hand.


We've chosen to use 7 beautifully rich colors that can be found in tropical environments, gold, and black with red spots like the Fire Salamander found in Europe.


The Cases

The wooden cases that accompany these dice are made to hold three sets of dice.  The top of the box features a 3-dimensional carved newt that watches over its little hoard of dice inside. These boxes were designed by hand and are carved using an incredible machine.  Each box takes 3 hours to carve.
Die of Newt - Wooden Dice Boxes


  • ✅ Products tested and approved
  • ✅ Distribution solved
  • ✅ Packaging designed
  • ☑️ KICKSTARTER LAUNCHES (September 14 2021)
  • ☑️ Production (begins December 1st 2021)
  • ☑️ Fulfillment (by February 2022)