DoodleDice - Create Your Own Dice Kit

DoodleDice - Create Your Own Dice Kit

As you know, we love making unique tabletop products - Dice Spinners, metal D20 puzzles, and physical puzzles for tabletop RPGs

We've spent thousands of dollars on unique dice for our characters.  We've paid hundreds of dollars for that perfect unique or custom made set.  We've tried crafting our own but ordering all the materials to create your own dice, making a mold, mixing resins, using a pressure pot to make them clear... It all takes just too long and we've seen them come out like a half-melted ice cube.

Created by Mikaela, 13

There is nothing cooler than having 100% completely personalized, unique, custom dice.  There's also very few things more expensive or trickier to get just right.

Created by Jason, founder RealmSmith


This is where DoodleDice comes in.  We've put together a fun activity for any age to make a set of completely unique, customized dice for just $20!  We're really excited about it and know you'll love it!


Launches October 1st;
Shipping in time for Christmas.

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