Introducing TileFormers | Quick & Affordable Terrain Tiles

Magnetiles Quick & Affordable Terrain Tiles

In 2020 Mythroll Armory brought to market some of the most innovative tabletop RPG products released in a long time. Now, we're excited to take on the terrain world with the best cost-per-inch terrain system that allows you to create anything you can imagine.

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Magnetiles Quick & Affordable Terrain Tiles

The quickest, easiest, and most versatile terrain system

A Versatile Dungeon Tile System

TileFormers are made to be used as anything you can imagine - walls, floors, bridges, roofs - anything! And having roads that turn into grass means you have plenty of tiles to create grandiose landscapes.  The tiles are 3" by 3" and include a subtle grid system.  You're not just buying "The Cottage" - you're buying whatever you can imaging turning those tiles into.

An Expandable Dungeon Tile System

Several packs of tiles will be unlockable during the Kickstarter to give unique pieces to your collection.

The unlockable add-on sets will allow you to add rivers, lakes that can double as water-fronts, footpaths, and chasms to your TileFormer set.

A Quick Setup Dungeon Tile System

Creating buildings and scenes on the fly is a snap with TileFormer. Even large-scale setups are quick and easily portable in their carrying case.  Save time setting up and spend more time playing.

The Best Priced Dungeon Tile System

There are certainly cheaper dungeon systems out there using paper or pre-determined wood cutouts.  They're a pain to put together and they will only ever be what the creator has decided they will be. There is no system that let's you build such a large range of items at such a low cost-per-inch.

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