Mythroll Armory’s Physical Puzzles for Table-top RPGs

Mythroll Armory’s Physical Puzzles for Table-top RPGs

We’re please to announce the release of the Mythroll Armory Perplexing Puzzle Experience on Kickstarter!

We wanted to bring an immersive experience to tabletop role-playing games and so we’ve combined physical, mind-challenging puzzles with custom maps, a sample campaign, and Syrinscape sound sets. 

Each puzzle in our collection can be customized to suit your campaign and the ability of your players. We not include a suggested story line, written by Brandon Perkins, who has created worlds for Realmsmith TV, but also show you how to make these puzzles and your own to fit with your home-brew world.

Inside the box you’ll find:

  • 10-page narrative and instruction booklet
  • 5 custom oversized Mythroll Armory treasure dice
  • 9" block puzzle terrain by Inkarnate 
  • 22" Map of Phelaneau region by Inkarnate 
  • Interlocked keys puzzle
  • Custom Syrinscape downloadable sound set
  • Caged Prism puzzle
  • 5-piece cryptographic decoder puzzle

These units will retail for $99CAD but we have there limited prices available in limited quantities during the Kickstarter - $74CAD, $79CAD, and $89CAD.

We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together for you!  Retail packaging is available.