Review of Floship for Kickstarter Fulfilment

Mythroll Armory used Floship (Hong Kong) to fulfil our first Kickstarter campaign as they were a globally central location that could help with on-demand fulfilment, and were close to our manufacturers in China.  Big mistake.

I posted this review of Floship on Trustpilot outlining our headaches and it took four months for Floship to reposond. Despite attempting to continue working with them, not once have they addressed my concerns directly with me, they only attempted to defend themselves publicly.

In fact, we deposited an additional $2,500USD in January to help resolve some issues and we’re STILL waiting on those orders to be fulfilled. Only 5 have been sent.

  1. Slow Shipping: I will say that our first Kickstarter went relatively well with them.  Subsequent Kickstarters that we used Floship for did not go well. And we ended up self-fulfilling many due to the extremely slow fulfilment.
    If you look at our businesses reviews on Trustpilot you will see some negative reviews for slow shipping. They are all orders from Floship and the reason we began fulfilment in house.
  2. Lost products: We have had two inbound shipments worth thousands of dollars get lost despite being delivered by SF.  Floship did not cooperate or take any responsibility for the lost products and didn’t cooperate with the shipping company when evidence was requested.
  3. It is expensive. On average fulfillment from Floship cost 3 times as much as fulfilling ourselves. $30 to ship a product where it cost $10 to ship ourselves. The difference in cost alone makes self fulfilment the right choice. IT’S NOT HARD. If you want to fulfil yourself, email me and I will help you. I’ve worked with other Kickstarters to teach them how to fulfil on their own and save a ton.  Yes, Floship marks up shipping on top of their fees and it is on you to request information about markups or you’ll just keep getting skimmed.
    Since May 2021 we have been billed $75,542.01USD which is around $103,000CAD and Floship delivered 1,804 orders. That's an average of $57CAD per order.  We currently plan for around $12CAD to ship anywhere in the world with around $2.50CAD in North American labour per package.
  4. Dishonest Billing: They charged us $2,000 for a shipping container without getting approval from us and notifying us only once it was shipped. We did not approve this shipment with this additional charge that we were not told about.  A very dishonest and poor practice.  This is not about us “using it anyways” - it was shipped without approval and then we were billed.
  5. Deposits are gone: Any money you deposit there is there forever, even if they don't fulfil your requests. They essentially hold your deposits and your products hostage and use it to control the situation while deducting storage fees for products they just don't ship.
  6. Slow customer service: When you put in a ticket their response time can be up to 5 days, typically at least 2. In shipping terms, that’s forever. When I have a customer waiting for an answer and they give no response for days, that's bad for business.
  7. They will not escalate issues. The senior staff will be there to make the sale to you but then will not support you.
  8. They only look out for themselves. They have no interest in customer service and doing what is best for the client. They are not proactive. They are unhelpful. The most recent evidence being that they only posted a response on Trustpilot to save face, but did not work with me to resolve the issues.
  9. Packing errors: Remember that sea shipment that we had surprise charges of $2,000USD for? Despite us sending documentation and having multiple calls over several months, they sent the wrong items and did nothing to own the mistake or rectify the problem. The customers still do not have the mistakes corrected.
  10. Cheaper to remake your products: If you want to ship a box of stored products to yourself, you will pay a pick and pack for each item inside of the box. If you sent 1,000 items and they’re in one closed box, they will not just close the box and ship the box back. You will pay a pick fee for each item. A $40 shipment quickly becomes $1,040 due to this. We have had to remanufacture products and ship them to Canada because it was cheaper than having Floship close the box and send it.
    We are being forced to abandon around $75,000 (retail value) in product in their warehouse because pick, pack, and ship will cost more than remaking it.
  11. Poor processes: Each order has an email address associated with it and yet we get the emails from customs for duties to our office instead of the customers getting the notification. It just makes no sense and wastes our time and causes frustration to the customer.  This is not about who pays for it, it’s about who is notified that it’s due.

In short, don't use them no matter how large or small your order. The positive reviews are clearly fake reviews planted by staff members all with only 1 review. They're trying to offset the negative, real reviews from business owners with multiple reviews.

I’ve provided evidence to Trustpilot of this situation, because it was protested by Floship, and Trustpilot accepted the evidence.

Again, to this day, Floship has not contacted me directly to work out any of the concerns.

If you've been affected by a slow, incorrect, or missing shipment from Floship, I invite you to review Floship here: