Tin20 - Foldable Metal D20 Puzzle

Tin20 - Foldable Metal D20 Puzzle

The Tin20 is a fun, easy to do, metal model of a traditional D20.  This foldable metal D20 puzzle is made of laser-etched stainless steel. When assembled, it makes a sturdy, usable metal D20 for tabletop gaming.

Launched on Kickstarter in August 2020, the campaign finished at 2,500% funded with thousands of dice purchased.  They can be found in some retail locations as well as in the September edition of Dice Envy's subscription crate.

They're a great gift, display piece, usable D20, or emergency D20 that fits in your wallet, ready when you need it! 

These dice come in retail-ready packaging and sell for $10.

Wether you're experienced at metal DIY models or this is your first, we're sure you'll enjoy the experience.

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Need help putting your Tin20 together? 

  • Watch it be assembled 
  • Get yourself some needle-nose pliers or tweezers to help with smaller folds
  • Bending the metal back and forth will cause it to separate. Do your best to fold metal joints just once!
  • No soldering or gluing required!