TinHedrals: The Evolution of Dice Puzzles

TinHedrals: The Evolution of Dice Puzzles

We're super pleased to announce TinHedrals.  These are a full set of 9 foldable polyhedral dice puzzles with beautiful color faces designed by artists we love. We've incorporated feedback from our first release of Tin20s and think that we've really nailed it!

  • A full set of foldable dice including extra D6 - 9 dice in total
  • Artist-designed faces by RealmSmith & Lonesome Pictopia
  • Colored designs and faces for a more unique product
  • Thicker metal for sturdier dice and to prevent breakage while building
  • Thicker edges and rounded gaps to protect your fingers

The Kickstarter launches Monday, June 14th and will run for just 14 days!  Rewards will ship by October and all backers will be entered into a giveaway based on their pledge level!

Please follow the Kickstarter and thanks for all your support!

David & Joel

The "Naturals" by RealmSmith

Multiple designs by great artists will be unlocked throughout the Kickstarter