Cyber Monday Bundles

Morningstar Mini Bundle

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Save $17USD on this combo of 8 mini D6 and rolling mat + Dice Scroll!

We're combining the best D6's ever made with our most popular accessory.  Protect your tables while you wreck your enemies and blow away your friends.

The dangerously good Morningstar Dice set is now available in a mini version and in a tube of 8!  This set is perfect for any serious caster, or as premium Warhammer dice

Each D6 is approximately 11mm or 7/16" across. They are strong, solid metal dice, precision cast with intimidating spikes and beautiful finishes. Uniquely designed to intimidate and impress. Nothing says "bow to me" like the thud of a Morningstar on your best friend's mom's kitchen table.

Two accessories in one to help simplify game day.

  • This scroll unrolls to become a rolling mat which helps to protect your DM's table and your dice.
  • A zippered dice compartment large enough to hold a set of 7 dice + 8 Mini D6.
  • Buttoned fasteners fold it all together.

Boundless Bundle: Dice Tower + Dice Set

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Save $20USD on this Dice Tower + Dice Set bundle!

We've bundled these unique dice with the perfect dice tower / storage case combo!  Instantly convert from a carrying case to a dice tower in seconds.

Boundless Dice is a unique round dice set that blurs the lines between faces, edges, and vertices.  The manipulation of geometry and distortion of time go hand in hand.  Like a wheel within in a wheel, like the ebbs and flows of the tide, like the rising and setting of the sun.

The beautiful round dice go great with our Boundless Hex Towers. 


Spinner Bundle: 2 Spinners + 5 Coasters + Dual Case

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SAVE $41USD on a pair of Spinners + Zippered Case + Decision Coasters!

The best D&D accessory that launched Mythroll Armory in 2020 has undergone a major upgrade!  The two different models of spinners, give you the roll results you'd get from six standard polyhedral dice you'd typically roll during a game.

What Improved:

  • Improved construction with thicker, stronger central shaft
  • New manufacturing partner with increased tolerances and higher quality metals
  • Full color finishes to really show off your uniqueness

How does this work:

d20/d10 - This spinner has one color bearing, and 2 full rings of numbers. You spin the top, and the bearing indicates a 1-through-10 on the d10 ring, or a 1-through-20 on the d20 ring. Both sets of numbers are "interleaved", so as to replicate the randomness of the opposing faces of the polyhedrals.

d4/d8 and d6/d12 - This spinner has two of the same color bearings on directly-opposing sides.  One half of the base has numbers 1 through 4 for a d4, and 1 through 8 for a d8. The other half has numbers 1 through 6 for a d6 and 1 through 12 for a d12. All numbers are interleaved to simulate the randomness of regular'ol polyhedral dice.  You spin the top, and the two bearings indicate roll results just like the d20/d10. One half has one roll result (for the d4/d8 side) and the other half has another roll result (for the d6/d12 side. 


Hardened steel globe
Reinforced brass shaft
Steel bearings
Solid metal channel base
Foam stabilizer
welded grommit
Brass screw