Mythroll Armory was built by YOU! Or... well... people LIKE you who wanted to fund something a bit different in the Tabletop RPG gaming space. And they did this through Kickstarter. We may have come up with the ideas, but YOU (and folks like you) actually made it come to life. And now our growing gaming brand is really stretching into new territory. You can find out all about it by following our Kickstarter page! That's where we develop and launch ideas.

Here are our current Kickstarter or Indiegogo projects you can follow to stay informed about what's happening at Mythroll Armory:

It all started with this one: 

Mythroll Armory's Tabletop RPG Dice Spinner 

And coming up, we're release two more Kickstarters... 


This one... 

Mythroll Armory's Perplexing Puzzle Experience




And this one... 

Mythroll Armory's EDC Foldable Metal d20 for Tabletop RPGs