TileFormer Pledge Calculator

There are three steps to use this calculator:

  1. Select one or more core TileFormer sets (Shipping is already added in the prices). 
  2. Select one or more optional add-ons.

3. Then you can copy and paste the "Total Pledge" amount into the TileFormer Kickstarter Campaign page. It already includes the associated shipping for each set. For your convenience, we've added the ability to email yourself the tally of the pledge you configure on this page.

If you'd prefer not to receive an email with your configured pledge, you can simply calculate your amount, copy the total, and head back to the Kickstarter campaign page here: http://tileformers.com

SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping is calculated by weight and volume. The shipping included below in the calculator applies to backers in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. For anywhere else in the world, the shipping is as such: 

The Cottage $32
Phelaneau Hall $45
The Wharf $62
The Palace $108
Quest Chest $415
World Builder $640

Don't worry if you get the shipping wrong in the pledge amount. During the campaign you can reach out to us at any time and we can walk you through to make sure you get the right amount entered. After the campaign, the shipping info will be taken, and your shipping amount applied. If it's over, we'll credit your overage. If it's under, we'll require payment for the balance. We've GOT YOUR BACK!