TTRPG Dice Spinner Kickstarter

We're proud to have brought the world unique polyhedral alternatives since March 2020.  Our Dice Spinners are the most unique tabletop accessories that will turn heads and win battles.

Our 3rd TTRPG Dice Spinner Kickstarter launches January 2024!

Introducing "Scroller" - our third dice spinner Kickstarter. We've combined years of customer feedback, gone through many prototype iterations, and refined our dice spinners into the finest tabletop solution.

RPG Dice Spinners by Mythroll Armory - this set is known as Scroller.

Available in 3 different finishes (with more options unlocked through Stretch Goals). Back just a D20 for silent DM rolls, a special inspiration die for PC's, or to inspire envy at the table.  Or, back the full set - whatever combination you need, you can customize your pledge point.

Dice Spinners Version 2

Our previous Dice Spinner concluded in October 2022 with 850 backers and 1,900% funded. This horizontal spinner included improved bearings, tighter tolerances, and full color coatings instead of just colored indicator bearings. We also introduced the Death Save Spinner - an extra long-spinning spinner that came in white with unique success/fail and critical success/critical fail markings instead of numbers. 


The Original Dice Spinners

Launched in March 2020, our first Dice Spinner Kickstarter blew us away and we realized we actually have something here.  We closed that campaign, our first campaign ever, at 1,100%+ funded by 1,100+ backers! A unique head-turning set of dice alternatives that bring fun to the table and are a unique way to express yourself.  Though they weren't perfect, they paved the way for many unique dice alternatives to come - not just by us, but by other creators as well.


Make sure to check out our most recent Dice Spinner Kickstarter here and get yourself a unique tabletop tool that will turn heads.