TinHedrals Foldable Metal Dice Puzzles

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These foldable metal dice puzzles are a great gift for Dungeons and Dragons players, or for any tabletop RPG fan.
Get one complete set of TinHedral foldable polyhedral dice puzzles. Each set is made up of two sheets in retail packaging giving you a total of nine buildable dice.
  • Thicker metal sheets for a sturdier dice
  • Thicker edges and rounded corners to protect your fingers during construction
  • Color laser-printed faces designed by artists such as Jason Azevedo of RealmSmith and Melanie Nead of Lonesome Pictopia.
  • A full set of dice including percentile D10 and 3 D6!
  • 1 x D20, 1 x D12 , 2 x D10, 1 x D8, 3 x D6, 1 x D4