Dragonheart - Black Dice

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These beautiful hollow dice feature a detailed model of a dragons head on every face. Launched in May 2022 as part of our ninth Kickstarter, nearly 1,000 sets of dice + 3D6 add ons were backed.

We've worked with top 3d-modelers and artists to bring our visions to life one model at a time. With high-resolution 3D metal printing, we're able to create incredible forms not possible with traditional dice casting. They're unique, they look great, and they sound great.

These dice are 100% copper and are hand-assembled and hand-finished before being inspected by quality control. They make a beautiful jingle like no solid dice can make.

The Dragonheart D20 is about 45% bigger than your typical dice D20 which is why we needed to make custom cases for them. They're big and beautiful because why would you make epic dragon dice and make them tiny?

Each set of dice comes in a beautiful, soft, faux leather bag, big enough to hold two sets of dice, and engraved with the Mythroll Armory logo.