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Hardshell EVC Case for Two Spinners

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Joel's Perspective

"You'll find this case is just perfect just to keep these two sibling spinners in check. I personally don't know what I'd do without the case. I'd have certainly damaged or lost my spinners by now."

Dave's Take
Dave's Perspective
"Yeah Joel... You lose things a LOT. I like the way top lid really holds the spinners down. And you'll really enjoy that small mesh pocket inside the top lid. It makes carrying additional dice around (like a fireball spell perhaps?) totally doable."



A perfectly snug dual spinner hardshell case for those who want to carry both spinners to the table with them. Perfect for carrying, storing, and keeping your spinners clean when they are not in use. 

Inside the top half is a basket mesh to both hold your spinners in place when it's fully zipped, and hold a bunch of extra dice if you need them. 

Protect your investment! Get a hardshell case for your spinners. 

(Spinners not included)