Morningstar Mini Dice - Veteran

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The imposing Morningstar Dice set is now available in a mini version and in a tube of 8!  This set is perfect for fireballs, or as premium Warhammer dice.  The "Veteran" is a gun metal set with red blood splatter across the faces.  They're approximately 11mm / 7/16" wide. They are strong, solid metal dice, precision cast with intimidating spikes and beautiful finishes. Uniquely designed to intimidate and impress. Nothing says "bow to me" like the thud of a Morningstar on your best friend's mom's kitchen table.

Each adventurer brings their own energy and color to the party, and we share this sentiment through our Morningstar dice.

This set includes 8 Morningstar Mini D6 Dice. 

Photo shows size comparison with regular Morningstar D6.