Mythroll Armory's Adorable Dungeon Christmas Ornaments

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A set of eight adorable dungeon-themed holiday ornaments. Very limited time and quantity so we can ship before Christmas!

Only a few remain from the Kickstarter.

Each ornament brings character to your holidays.

Merry Critmas Wreath: Let's people know that this year, you're pulling out a 20.  It's going to be a happy day and a merry new year and nothing is going to stop you.

Bloody the Elf: He's not an elf.  He's a goblin. He puts on a grumpy demeanor so that the other goblins don't realize how full of cheer he really is.

Blazin' - The Sled-pulling rein-Dragon: Blazin' with your flaming breath so bright, won't you guide my sleigh tonight?

The "These pants are too small" Ogre: Someone forgot to bring their stretchy pants and, now that his belly is full of turkey, he's feeling a little uncomfortable at the in-law's potluck.

Potion of Heroism: This bubbly blue potion gains you 10 Temporary Hit Points that last for 1 hour after drinking it. For the same duration, you are under the Effect of the bless spell (no Concentration required). That should get you through all that family time!

Mimic: The gift that unwraps you!

The Festive D20: "How is it festive?" you ask?  Because it's red!  And it has a hole in the top to put it on your tree.

Wizard Wonderland: Jolly and cheerful, he lights up any room!  Did someone say "fireball?"