Mythroll Armory RPG Dice Spinner V2

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The best D&D accessory that launched Mythroll Armory in 2020 has undergone a major upgrade!  The two different models of spinners, give you the roll results you'd get from six standard polyhedral dice you'd typically roll during a game.

What Improved:

  • Improved construction with thicker, stronger central shaft
  • New manufacturing partner with increased tolerances and higher quality metals
  • Full color finishes to really show off your uniqueness

How does this work:

d20/d10 - This spinner has one color bearing, and 2 full rings of numbers. You spin the top, and the bearing indicates a 1-through-10 on the d10 ring, or a 1-through-20 on the d20 ring. Both sets of numbers are "interleaved", so as to replicate the randomness of the opposing faces of the polyhedrals.

d4/d8 and d6/d12 - This spinner has two of the same color bearings on directly-opposing sides.  One half of the base has numbers 1 through 4 for a d4, and 1 through 8 for a d8. The other half has numbers 1 through 6 for a d6 and 1 through 12 for a d12. All numbers are interleaved to simulate the randomness of regular'ol polyhedral dice.  You spin the top, and the two bearings indicate roll results just like the d20/d10. One half has one roll result (for the d4/d8 side) and the other half has another roll result (for the d6/d12 side. 


Hardened steel globe
Reinforced brass shaft
Steel bearings
Solid metal channel base
Foam stabilizer
welded grommit
Brass screw