Death Saves RPG Dice Spinner 2.0

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This extra long-lasting RPG spinner is perfect for those dramatic moments.  These spinners are carefully marked to share the same probability ratios as your standard D20.  Manufactured by the largest fidget spinner maker in the world, the Death Save Dice Spinner runs on ultra smooth internal bearings making them quieter and smoother than the regular V2 Spinner.

Imagine describing the potential death of a player over the rumbling of a long-spin Death-Saves spinner! With a good spin, the creative game master (or player) will be granted around 1 minute to narrate the feelings, senses, and bright light while they fight against death. If a PC is going to die, you better make it good. The Death Saves spinner gives you the opportunity to make it GREAT - and memorable.


Hardened steel globe
Reinsforced brass shaft
Steel bearings
Solid metal channel base
Foam stabilizer
welded grommit
Brass screw