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We recognize this product is not for everyone. Please only reserve your spot in line to order your StoneHeart d20 if you intend to follow-through with a purchase. The Kickstarter is scheduled to launch in March 2021.

Registrants who complete this order will be given the opportunity to order from all three metals and all three gems (9 unique combinations in all) - and will be given priority access to the first wave of StoneHeart d20s being crafted.

As of this writing, the metals are Bronze, Silver, and Gold and the gems are Onyx, Ruby, and Diamond.

Radiating captivating brilliance, the icosehedron (d20-shaped) centre stone glitters deep within the heart of this truly ornate and impressive d20 cage. Reserve your spot to experience a collection of d20 dice so awe-inspiring you'll want to pass them onto your children as family heirlooms. This limited-run, hand-crafted piece will last generations while being an object of intrigue along the way. 

Question: Why a "paid registration"?

Answer: There are two practical reasons for a paid registration:

  • We really need to be careful with our time on this project since there are local jewelers and smiths who are relying on us for timely information and will ready supplies once the registrations are complete (two weeks ahead of the Kickstarter)
  • We want to pre-qualify our customers to make sure only those who are serious about buying the final product are registering. Adding a small payment barrier allows us to confirm potential customers have a means to pay for the final product.

Question: How much will they retail for?

Answer: We estimate that the final products will range in price between $299 and $6,500. Final prices will be determined ahead of the Kickstarter launch and released to priority registrants who complete the $1 registration. 

We've completed five successful Kickstarters in 2020 and the StoneHeart series allows us to start 2021 with a bang. We're excited to have you along for the journey!