Tin20 Bundle - 5 x D20 Metal Dice Puzzle

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This bundle includes 5 Tin20s

The Tin20™ is a wallet-sized metal D20 dice puzzle that turns into a full, usable, D20 in minutes.  Easy to assemble, durable, and well balanced, it makes a great display piece, gift, or a fully usable D20.

Keep it in your wallet and fold it into shape in just a few minutes when a game of D&D breaks out! 


  • Never be without a d20 ever again. 
  • Always be prepared to give the gift of tabletop gaming to a friend.
  • Weighs nearly nothing, but is sturdy when built. 
  • Impress your friends with your preparedness.
  • Is just a fun metal puzzle to put together!

Cut the top of the package open to begin!