Wizards Dice Tower by Game Tank

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Not a Lego dice tower or Lego D&D set.  We can't and don't use that name to describe it so don't sue us.  But boy, is this compatible with other brands!

Lords and ladies and lady lords! Behold Game Tank's forthcoming premier brick set, "The Wizard's Dice Tower." Complete with mini-figs and an exclusive one-shot campaign, filled to the gills with tales of splendor and mystery. This two-tier sanctuary houses both the Wizard as well as your polyhedral numbered stones. Never allow your rolls to be brought into question again. Be the envy of all your friends... and foes?

This awesome buildable dice tower is sure to combine at least two things you love.  Roleplaying games and "compatible with other brands" building bricks!

Inside the box: The bricks, 3-session campaign book, build instructions, and two double-sided maps.

Building Trust.

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